Versus Men's Event

By Rolling Hills Community Church (other events)

Thursday, May 4 2023 5:30 PM 9:30 PM CDT

At Versus, our motto is, Don't Go Alone. But too often, as men, that's exactly what we do. Whether in our careers, marriages, parenting, or friendships, we opt for taking the path that puts us in the driver's seat, avoiding the risk of being hurt, and keeping us from relying on others.

However, that's not how God intended it. He created us to belong in community, and He has a better plan for how to be the best versions of ourselves by relying on Him and walking in step with others along the way. 

At Versus 2023, you'll come together with thousands of guys, just like you, from around the country for an evening of food, incredible live music, and amazing speakers, including comedian Jeff Foxworthy, former Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher, and several others. You'll leave inspired and equipped to better tackle life's challenges, and you'll find community with other men.

This year, we are happy to announce that, following the Versus event, we will be offering the next step of joining a men’s group for a four-week study on leading well in every area of our lives. So, guys, grab your tickets today!

Rolling Hills Community Church